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Executive Summary
Executive Summary

Soberton is a manufacturer of more than 300 electrical acoustic components. These components are generally sought by professional acoustical engineers, which means Soberton has a specialized audience that is highly knowledgeable about the site’s offerings.

However, Soberton’s site had a static interface that was unintuitive.

Users were not easily able to find the products that solved their problems, leading to lost sales.

By improving searchability and other user experience issues, Electric Component Design created an interface that responds to user needs and funnels them through the sales process easily and efficiently.

The Problem:
  • Soberton’s web presence was flat, with no tools and few resources to connect visitors with the solutions they needed
  • Not able to add new products/components or edit their website as needed
  • The combination of a static, unwelcoming interface and a collection of over 300 different components made it very difficult for visitors to quickly and efficiently find what they were looking for.
The Problem
  • Streamlining the site to help users find their solutions faster and more intuitively was our top priority.
  • Also wanted to create an engaging visual design that would impress users and get them excited about using the site.
  • Creating a site that provided flexibility with adding, editing, and removing products and product information easily without knowing code.
  • Adding metrics and analytics capabilities, and optimizing the speed and performance of the site.
Improved Navigation and Added Product Search

We created an advanced parametric search so that users are able to search for products based on any set of specifications; now, users are able to quickly get to the product they need or compare similar parts side-by-side. We provided user-friendly paths to search by model number, filter by product characteristics, and navigate by category.

Soberton is unique in that it knows its exact audience and what they’re looking for. Because they are specialists, many site visitors have little need to browse – they know what they need the moment they hit the site. Knowing this, we were able to create tools and resources geared to Soberton’s more knowledgeable clientele.

Improved Navigation and Added Product Seav rch
Created Digital Resources and Downloadables
Created Digital Resources and Downloadables

We added a number of digital resources for visitors, many of them downloadable. We provided

  • Downloadable product datasheets
  • Audio files
  • A catalog of downloadable 3D models
  • Stock checking function
Created Digital Resources and Downloadables